Bytes Conference - Audience 2017

Bytes is an affordable, evening mini-conference for web enthusiasts

07.03.2019 - Tickets £15

Lighthouse, Brighton

Join us in central Brighton on 7th March 2019 for an evening mini-conference featuring four fantastic keynote speakers (plus one wild raffle)! Every penny raised will be donated to a chosen charity.

Four forward thinking talks

The evening will provide a series of diverse talks from all corners of the web industry, covering topics ranging from development and design, through to marketing and performance tips. As we aim to support our industry, we like to give local and upcoming speakers a chance to shine alongside more seasoned public speakers and always aim for diversity. Watch the talks from last year.

Bytes conf 2017
Charity on Bytes conf 2016 - Photo by Paul Mansfield
Photo by Paul Mansfield

All proceeds support our chosen local charity - Carousel

Carousel is an award-winning charity supporting learning disabled people to achieve their artistic ambitions. They believe that learning disabled artists make a vital contribution to the world we live in; they are central to decision making and delivery of the work produced.

All of the money raised at Bytes Conf will be going straight to them.
That includes both entry and raffle ticket sales from the night.

Laid back atmosphere & raffle

We like to think we're a little less serious than other conferences and aim to keep the evening as laid back as possible. Grab a free drink, relax and make friends with some industry locals. At the end of the night, we run a raffle with swag donated by our generous sponsors. Previous prizes have included a keg of beer, copious amounts of books, LaserZone tickets and a pair of socks to name a few! Check out the photos from last year.

Bytes conf 2017
Andy's profile picture Andy Croll

Andy Croll

The Impermanence of Software

As engineers we place a lot of emphasis in the things that we build. However lots of the software we write is destined for deletion. What does this do to our definition of 'doing great work'?

Is "great work" inherent to the code you write? Is it your customer's results? Is it anything to do with the output in the first place?

Come and examine the role of teams, personal relationships and your own attitude in your day to day work, as well as in the broader cycle of a whole career and our industry.

About Andy

VP Engineering at CoverageBook, Rubyist, Conference Organizer, Author, Speaker, Bootstrapper & Parent of Twins.

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Mariam's profile picture Mariam Crichton

Mariam Crichton

Demystifying Management in Digital

Management is a thankless job with an unpopular reputation in digital. I’m going to unpack what goes on “behind the management scenes” and shine the light on how project managers are the invisible glue that holds everything together and make s*** happen.

My intention is to enlighten the digital professional audience have a greater appreciation and relationship with all contact points with management in your day to day interactions.

projects, people, resources, tensions ... .. Managers & freelancers do come armed with your issues I’ ll answer them openly on the night.

About Mariam

Mariam has been the entrepreneurial driving force of the growth of many start ups over the last 16 years. Her innovative technology management expertise lies in GIS, SAAS, Software, Mobile Design and Development. She was formerly co-founder and CEO of professional mapping tool FIND and has been appointed in executive board positions of many startups in the past.

Based in Brighton, Mariam works in the field of International Development for Every1Mobile on Digital Social Impact Solutions in sub-Saharan Africa countries, leading global multi-year contracts for clients including Unilever, DFID, USAID, Gates Foundation, the UN, the World bank, ONE, Mozilla Foundation and the EU.

Mariam is on the Wired Sussex Board as well as the Advisory Board of Safe & the City, who use technology to keep streets safer using crime data and reporting on sexual street harassment.

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Cassie's profile picture Cassie Evans

Cassie Evans

Limitation breeds creativity

In Web Development, the sheer volume of things to learn can be overwhelming.

Pair this with anxiety and a tendency to procrastinate and you’ve got the perfect recipe for doing absolutely nothing.

Constraints might not feel like what you want when you're trying to kickstart creativity or start a new project. But working within constraints can help you get started and provide unconventional ways around a problem.

Come along to see me demo a few of Cassie's favourite unconventional solutions.

About Cassie

Cassie is passionate about web animation, SVG and testing the limits of CSS. She is a core organiser of codebar Brighton, a non-profit initiative that runs free programming workshops to tackle the diversity gap and currently works as a Front-end Developer at Clearleft.

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Owen's profile picture Owen Priestley

Owen Priestley

How working within parameters can be a catalyst for creativity

As commercial designers, we work within set parameters, be they budget, ‘the brief’ or technology. In my talk, I will give examples, outside of the commercial world we work in, of how working within limitations and dogma can produce creative solutions which would not have come about without these limitations.

About Owen

Owen is an interactive design veteran, with over 20 years experience working in a variety of agencies in Brighton and London, attempting to produce innovative digital work for clients such as Levi's, Sony, Amnesty International, Adidas and Disney to name a few. He is now a 'strategist' which means he spends most of his time working out what the fuck is going on with the internets.

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Candi and Mike in Bytes Conf 2017 Candi & Mike

Candi & Mike

Your MCs for the evening, Mike and Candi are like the Phil and Holly of the web world. Introductions, jokes and general professional hilarity will ensue.

Candi is an account manager extraordinaire - talking to people is her job, so you’ll feel like you’ve be friends for years even when she is only introducing herself. Musically inclined, we have to make sure she doesn’t break out into song spontaneously.

Mike couldn’t be more opposite - a developer who can’t hold a tune to save his life (despite having a music production degree). Old before his time, expect puns and dad jokes scattered throughout the evening.

These two are the mortar to the bricks that are the speakers, the <div>s to their content and the opening credits that you skip to watch the TV show. They are the mere vessels which allow you to consume the content which are the Bytes Conf talks. The creators of Bytes Conf, feel free to compliment or complain to them - they are are your beck and call.

Candi and Mike in Bytes Conf 2017

If you are just starting out, or an industry professional, this affordable mini-conf will help you gain insight from our four keynote speakers

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Andy Croll

The impermanence of software 🖥


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Demystifying management in digital 🧐



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Cassie Evans

Limitation breeds creativity 🔬


Owen Priestley

How working within parameters can be a catalyst for creativity 🔗


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